Michael Spencer Gilroy Parfume

Michael Spencer Gilroy: screenwriting tips of a parfume.

A film tells a series of actions that people perform in certain situations. To start writing a screenplay you have to have an idea of what it wants to do to these people, the characters, the situations which one wants to deal with, of what places you want to visit him. Despite all the efforts that a writer can do, it is virtually impossible to find an idea totally original, always reverberate something already seen in another movie, or read in a book, or heard in a song … The important thing, however, is not to copy, but to take inspiration. You can start from the same idea, the same starting point, another author, and then take another direction and get into a completely different place. Put simply: despite having a similar story, the film can (and should) be completely different. History must never look like that of something already seen, though often the intersection of several things already seen may even seem like something new. The story must seem an interesting variation of a familiar theme. It is never a good idea, however, describe what you write as “a cross between this and that, with a little ‘of this other.” This applies in all areas of creative writing, but is especially true in the cinema. (Michael Spencer Gilroy)

Find out what to do in Gilroy.

There are millions of different ways to develop the same idea, so you have to have in mind from the start should you want to get when you start to write. A few examples of the idea for the film:

A boy and a girl fall in love, but are forced to conceal their relationship.
A criminal, against the promise of freedom, is in charge of recovering a man who can save the world from destruction.
A man returns from the dead to take revenge of his assassins.
During a scientific mission a group of scholars came into contact with an unknown alien race.

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A black cop expert is assigned a new partner, white and younger. The two are now embroiled in a complicated murder case.

No rush, attention to the climate, even sniff hours after the first spray: easy steps that help you find your scent.

A magical meeting between Marilyn Monroe and Chanel # 5 (for extraordinary it is) is not something unreachable. Without being great experts of perfumes, everyone can find the right fragrance to express personality and charm. Just take time and follow some simple rules

PERSONALIZATION – do not need to know the difference between patchouli and tuberose: the best choice is the most personal and instinctive. The scent that will transmit olfactory emotion even the day after spraying on your skin is the right one. Michael Spencer Gilroy said “this factor is the most important”.

FAMILY MATTER – First, get an idea of the fragrance family that attracts your attention. The floral fragrances are the most loved and popular, with notes of rose, tuberose, jasmine, lily of the valley, and many other flowers. Fresh and light, the hesperides contain essential oils extracted from citrus peel (orange, bergamot, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit). Warm and sensual, oriental mix citrus, spices, woods such as patchouli and sweet notes like vanilla. Natural and vibrant, green perfumes are obtained from the leaves of violet, geranium from, from galbanum, to whom we owe the typical smell of cut grass.

STRONG OR LIGHT – The intensity has its importance. It indicated a slight scent if you work together with other people. Reserved a strong fragrance to social occasions (excluding cinema, theater and restaurant). Attention to the climate: the rule is that the more hot weather, milder should be your fragrance. The moisture, in particular, makes the cloying perfume.

NO HURRY – Once identified the eligible candidates perfumes, sprinkle preferably on strips of blotting paper (the mouillettes, in the language of perfumers) and take a break while you wait for them to dry completely. Keep in mind that in fragrances, generally, the most immediate do not reflect the final effect notes that will spring after a few hours. So you continue to smell the mouillettes from time to time, as you move out from the perfumery and go for a walk. Another quote from Michael Spencer Gilroy “no hurry to avoid mistakes”

SHOT OF WOOL – A secret to sharpen your sense of smell is wool. Just bring a scarf or a turtleneck sweater and sniff between a bump and the other to better evaluate the fragrances under scrutiny.

NO MORE ‘three- Eventually the shortlist shall be cut to no more than three (better not be in a hurry, the search may take up to several days). For Michael Spencer Gilroy this is the maximum number of fragrances that our nose is able to perceive correctly and to distinguish the same time.

DECISION OF THE WRIST – When you feel you have found your perfect perfume, spray it on the right wrist by not rub it with the left (rubbing alters the perception of odors). Wait at least an hour to assess the development of the fragrance on your skin. The final choice is also a chemical matter.

HOW TO SPEND – The higher the price the higher the concentration of raw materials that characterize a fragrance. The Bulgarian rose and jasmine are among the most expensive ingredients, along with tuberous who also holds the most sensual aroma primacy.

SMELL OF SAVINGS – Eau de toilette, eau fraiche and cologne are lighter (and cheaper versions) than eau de parfum and parfum. The lower cost is due to a higher percentage of alcohol than the first (essential oils and synthetic materials molecules).